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17 Jan

How to manage muscle soreness


I believe for most people, that training is an opportunity to release and bring themselves to a happy place, rather than a chore that leaves them too sore to enjoy life.


And with work-life balance, social commitments and a desire to get outside and have fun, I thought I could share some simple ‘common-knowledge’ tips to help you manage soreness in your workouts, to get the most out of life.


  1. How you warm up matters!

Doing 3 mins on the rowing machine often isn’t going to cut it on it’s own. Start with that and move into some dynamic mobility exercises.

Now we can begin the movements we are planning to work on for the day. Complete a few smaller, lighter sets before loading the weight you plan to do. (doing warm up sets for your cardio helps too).


  1.   Cool downs are… cool.

    We finish most of our classes with a 200m walk followed by some gentle movement to help flush the system. Static stretching after this point can also help the muscles to relax and prevent them from staying tight after the sesison.


  1.   Your nutrition plays a vital role!

    Diets high in sugar, alcohol, processed foods and trans fats will cause your body to have a higher chance of muscle soreness due to more inflammation happening in the body. Remove these items or decrease them and you will find you suffer less during training and after!


  1.   Active recovery. Again, simple. But try not to just sit down all day. Take regular breaks between work to keep your blood flow. Recovery swim. I take my dogs out for a walk and make sure I find 2 hills to go up. It will help you flush the system.


  1. Massage/therapy.

    My favourite kind of recovery therapy still has to be massage. But there are multiple ways to get the benefits of toxin release and muscular relation. Some other options include: Float tanks, Infrared saunas and cold tanks popping up around town everywhere!


  1. Hot/Cold therapy.

    This one is an old tactic but still works to help refresh your muscles. Jump in the shower and spend 30 secs under warm water then 30 seconds under cold. Spend up to 10 minutes working on this and reap the benefits. *The key to this is managing your breathing and not letting the temperature change stress your body.


  1. Ice Baths.

    This tried and tested method is still a staple for professional sports teams around the world. The cold helps to reduce inflammation allowing your body to spend more of it’s energy on recovery than repair.


  1. Static Stretching.

    You can’t go past some good old fashioned stretching. But I don’t mean pulling your foot up to your backside and holding for 30 seconds. Choose 3-4 muscle groups that might be sore and spend 2-3 mins holding each stretch, each side if that’s the case.


Put some netflix and and make a show of it. You’ll thank me later.


I hope this helps you become the best version of yourself!

07 Jan

💬3 Simple tips to achieve your goal (not just in training)💬



Everyone wants to get better at something, in our case as a Bodicomplete – Crossfit in the Sutherland Shire, it’s usually getting fitter, healthier or stronger. The cool thing about my advice below though, is it can apply to just about anything.


Tip#️⃣1 – Do a little bit each day.

This is an old tip my english teacher gave me when it came to reading back in high school. I didn’t like reading all the shakespearean plays because it seemed like a long and arduous task.


She said simply, just read a chapter a day and you’ll finish within a month. 🧙 Magic!


The same can be applied to your training. 10kgs might seem like it’s “too hard” or being able to run the ‘Sutho to Surf’ might seem like a far fetched task but if you get just a little bit done every day, you’ll achieve that goal and probably better than you thought!


Here’s a 1 week example for a beginner wanting to do the ‘Sutho to Surf’:

🌞Day 1 – spend 20 mins doing this, run 1 min, walk 1 min. At the end go have a shower and relax.

🌞Day 2 – stretch your hamstrings for 2 mins per side

🌞Day 3 – 5 Laps of a football field. Rest 90 seconds between each one

🌞Day 4 – Spend 2 mins stretching your calves and quads (2 mins each)

🌞Day 5 – Spend 21 mins running 2 mins, walking 1 min.

🌞Day 6 – Go find an outdoor activity, surfing, golf, rock climbing (indoor), soccer with mates at the park etc.

🌞Day 7 – Relax. Be proud of your week and what you’ve accomplished!


This could also be a great way to work on those 10kg you have hanging round too.


Tip#️⃣2 – Take action immediately

This should almost be tip number 1.


There is never going to be the perfect time to start. There will always be another project due, another children’s event or a weekend that you want to party on.

Still do those things but if you really want to achieve your goal, you need to start today.


Draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. I will finish reading The merchant of Venice and I will start right now… or whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.


Tip#️⃣3 – Educate yourself

Now some goals are education in themselves. However others will require you to learn some new skills and make some changes.

These will make you a better human and also make sure you achieve your goal safely.


Some of this skills you can pick up on youtube etc (probably most) but some you’re going to need to find someone to help you.


Read reviews, do a background check and THEN make an educated decision on who can best help you.


Good luck as you head into the new year and I hope you achieve your goals safely and efficiently!


From all the coaches at Bodicomplete – Crossfit in the Sutherland Shire.

12 Dec

5 tips to starting the new year right


Everyone in the Sutherland Shire it seems, whether it’s cliched or not, wants to make their new year something special. Sometimes you are looking to move on from a bad year and sometimes you’re looking to carry your momentum forward.

In most cases this usually involves some physical aspirations and as owner of CrossFit BodiComplete, I’m here to tell you how you can get the most out of those.



Writing down your goal is one thing but the biggest difference I’ve seen in achieving my personal goals is writing down every morning what I am working towards becoming. At the moment mine is as follows:


I am a kick-ass athlete. I am strong and successful and I am building a healthy body.


This may evolve and change over time but the importance doesn’t lessen.


This just reminds me each day why i’m doing what I’m doing which leads me to my next point.



Writing down what you want to believe about yourself and become is almost like writing a to-do list for your day. Try it for a 3 weeks and see how it wires your brain to want to get into the gym and train.


It provides the perfect counter argument for the “I don’t feel like it today” response. So start ticking some boxes each day.



Now that might mean for you grabbing your best friend to take up a deal and train together to have coffee afterwards or it may mean finding someone to coach you.


Having someone you like to train with creates a positive spin on exercise rather than the thought that it’s too hard.


And finding a coach gives you the confidence to know that you are doing the right thing.



Pretty straight forward. Don’t look at how many days there are in a year or that you set your target to be achieved by April. Just look at today.


What do you have today… Squats and a circuit? Awesome, put in the effort there. High-5 everyone at the end and get on with your today.


Tomorrow you can focus on tomorrow and put your effort in there.


When you take your thoughts and focus and just put them onto the task at hand and nothing else, you’ll find you have much more capacity to achieve your goal because you have a surplus of focus.



This is similar to don’t go it alone but something we all love and enjoy is seeing our success and achievements celebrated. (Check out this post of Jimmy succeeding on our instagram page).


The quote “It takes a village to raise a child” can be applied here. Sometimes it takes a village to help you break months and years of bad habits and physical neglect and there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s an amazing opportunity to enrich your life more than just the physical aspiration can.


I hope you can find a way to apply these tips as we approach the new year and I wish you all the success with your goals!


If you’re looking for some help with your new year’s goals we are offering your first month free if you sign up before January 15th. Our fundamentals program will need to be completed first then you can train for an entire month free of charge!


Email us or fill out the contact form below!

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Coach Vaughn

16 Nov

The 4 supplements we recommend to our members


Always, always, always start with a balanced and nutritious diet. Then we can talk about supplementation:

Below I have listed the 4 most common supplements that have proof in the science and we suggest based on our clients needs.


Limitations have been placed on the use of caffeine on many olympic based sports due to the increased performance effects that it has on athletes systems.


As is common knowledge, caffeine is a stimulant that affects the nervous system which reduces the perception of effort in exercise (that sensation that you’re awake and ready to go).


In endurance based exercise this has been proven to show signs of longer efforts, in particular in cycling sports.


And in strength testing amongst elite athletes a higher threshold is recorded in standardised testing in a controlled environment.


When taken in small doses regularly (3-6mg/kg) you can reap the benefits as well of improved training!



The main function is to transport fatty acids into your mitochondria to burn for energy.


Benefits include a reduced perception of effort as well as many new studies suggesting it is vital in aiding against degenerative neural diseases.


The jury is still out on whether it aids in fat loss due to using fatty acids for energy with studies suggesting both for and against the idea. However, the energetic feeling you will have during workouts as a result of this combined with caffeine will make for a better output in your workouts.




This stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids. These are key to muscle gain and maintenance There are 20 differenct kinds and 9 are considered essential and must be absorbed as a part of your diet. Some quickly explained benefits include:


Leucine activates protein synthesis in the body which helps assist with muscle growth.


Can speed up recovery and aid in reducing muscle soreness if taken before your workout.


Reducing exercise fatigue partly in conjunction with the previous point, less muscle tearing means your muscles work for longer.


Creatine Monohydrate:

There’s so many benefits to adding this into your training regime that I’m just going to list them in short form for you:


Increased energy produced by your muscle cells.

Increased muscle growth.

Improves high intensity exercise performance.

Speeds up muscle growth.

Reduces muscle recovery time.

May help fight neurological diseases.

Can improve brain function and fight diabetes.

Simple and easy to use – Take 3-5 grams per day in cycles. It’s up to you how you cycle it but a simple one is 6 weeks on 6 weeks off.


I hope this helps you as you navigate the world of supplementation.



14 Aug

CrossFit has been linked to injuries for years but has the whole truth been told?



Strap yourself in, we’re going for a bit of a ride on this one today!


There have been several studies over the years that have often had their data/results skewed both intentionally and unintentionally to serve the purpose of putting CrossFit in a bad light or to talk about injuries within CrossFit.


2 Such articles can be found here and here.


Most of the time misconceptions are made by the reader on the idea that injury prevalence and injury rate are the same thing.


CrossFit explains that in responses here and here.


Simply put, injury prevalence is how many people have received an injury at some point while performing an activity.

Injury rate is how many injuries per 1000 hours happen while performing an activity.


Injury rate is what we are more interested in as that explains the likelihood of you sustaining an injury.


The current statistic says that 3.1 injuries are likely to occur per 1000 hours doing CrossFit. This is less than both jogging (2.5-12.1) and soccer (7.7). It is also considered slightly below average amongst training methodologies and sports (which means safer).


So why do I think that CrossFit has a lower rate of injury?


  1. The environment within which you train is controlled and monitored to keep incidents from happening.
  2. Coaching, eyes on and hands on, occurs for the duration of your class.
  3. Structured programming allows for appropriate progression, scaling and regression.
  4. I educate my members on why they are performing certain movements and what the focus and intention of the programming is.


So next time that your read such-and-such is a dangerous thing to do (whether CrossFit or not), it’s always a great idea to fact check and understand the terms that are being used to convey the research.


I hope this has shed a little light on what we do.



27 Jul

10 Signs you’ve chosen the right gym!

  1. IT’S FUN. Going to the gym and training becomes easy when you’re having a good time. And you know it, because you’re looking forward to talking to so-and-so about that article you saw on buzz feed today.

  2. YOU’RE GETTING RESULTS. This one seems pretty obvious but it actually rolls off the first point a little. When you’re having a good time and WANTING TO SHOW UP then it’s easy to get results.

  3. YOU ARE LEARNING. Whether it’s with a coach, trainer or solid educational material. You are being kept up to date on what quality movement looks like and the best way to work towards your results.

  4. SOMETIMES, YOU GET SORE. “But sore isn’t fun” I hear you say. Well the thing is, for points 1 and 2 to be true, you’ll need to get sore from time to time.

  5. YOU HANG BACK AFTER TRAINING. Whether it be to chat, stretch or relax then you’re in the right place. Because if you’re comfortable staying back somewhere that is designed to make you sweat and work hard then it must make you feel good.

  6. YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR WORKOUTS. Whether it’s before or after your session you are thinking about what you did, why you did and how you could do it better.

  7. YOU KNOW WHAT’S ON THE PROGRAM TODAY. Maybe not every facet of the program but you know that it’s squat/running day and you’re looking forward to it!

  8. YOU HEAR YOUR NAME REGULARLY. And not just because it’s on your post-workout coffee. It’s because the people in your gym know you and care for you.

  9. YOU FIND YOURSELF SPENDING MORE. Because your class is going rock climbing this weekend, or you bought tickets to that girl in the gym’s fundraiser to help her family out during this tough time. Because you care too.

  10. YOU TRY TO TALK WITH YOUR NON GYM FRIENDS ABOUT GYM. They don’t get it. Not yet anyway.

Are you at the right gym?

09 Jul

3 Easy tips from my clients for you!


3 Tips from my clients to help you stick to your training AND get results.

These tips comes straight from the minds of 3 clients who have made training with Bodicomplete a part of their lifestyle for over 5 years each now. So they have a little wisdom when it comes to sticking out their training.

TIP 1:
Structure your week and book it into your diary. I know I know it sounds simple but that’s because it is.
This is an important meeting that you need to make so book it in and stick to it. Your health, your mind and your family will thank you for it for years to come! – Greg

TIP 2:
Find a place to train that challenges you first and foremost, not just to be better but to keep you accountable. And then you will start to reap the rewards and enjoy exercise/movement for what it is… fun! – Karen

TIP 3:
There are heaps of days I don’t feel like moving. Especially recently since falling pregnant and everything that comes with that. But I find that if I just start moving on the rower or bike then it begins to flow into doing other exercises. Once I’m done the sense of accomplishment and joy of achievement far outweighs a decision to not move. I love it. – Marissa

There you have it. 3 Easy tips.
Book your training in.
Find a gym that helps you and challenges you.
Just start moving, your body will love you for it.

If you want to get started this month we have a 50% off fundamentals and your first month EOFY Deal running which ends soon, just reach out in the form below.


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21 Jun

Contrary to popular believe, quitting is ok… Here’s why


Because quitting training is not the negative thing it’s quite often made out to be.


Quitting under the right circumstances is perfectly acceptable. It will quite often help lead you onto the next part of your journey as you close that door to open the new one.


So why is quitting often drilled into you as a shameful act akin to breaking the law?!?!


Simply put, most people choose to quit under the wrong circumstance, on a day they don’t feel 100% about what they’ve just done or they don’t feel 100% motivated to go back the next day and hit it again. This will generally lead to regret.


Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin tells it like this: You’re allowed to quit, but after you have a good day.


Quite often the reason you started training (or whatever it is this message relates to) is because it made you feel good, look different or perform better. And that’s great! But you won’t feel like that every day, our bodies are wild and there are so many factors that come into how our training makes us feel.


So, wait until you have a good day. When you get a new personal best or you slump to the floor after your 20 minute conditioning piece PROUD and ECSTATIC about how you managed to finish it!


Then decide whether or not it’s a good idea to quit, that way you can walk away confidently without regret if you do choose to quit. Because it won’t be quitting anymore, it will be walking forward into your new bright future.


If you’re looking for a new path to walk and would like to have a chat about our program and how we can help you, just fill in your details below!


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08 Jun

3 Reasons why you should hit the bar…before you hit the bar


Training before a night out has some pretty simple but useful benefits.


Did you think I meant the pub? I mean maybe a little, you can head to THAT BAR afterwards…


Back to my train of thought, the first reason is simple – Confidence.


Getting a quick session under your belt before a night out is going to give you a confidence boost like no other. That tight feeling in your muscles known as ‘The Pump’ is going to have you singing all the way to the pub feeling good about yourself and put you in good spirits!


Secondly, you’re sticking to your goals. Pretty straight forward. It’s only 1 hour and you’ll be done before everything fully kicks off for the night out anyway. So why not show a commitment to your coach and more importantly, YOURSELF and show up and get it done.


Lastly you’ll be hanging out with mates who will actually remember the evening you had and this will create strong friendships with people who want to support your future (if you’re at the right gym).

In a world of fakeness on Facebook and Instragram, spending an hour pumping yourself full of endorphins with real people who know who you are is going to fill your heart and mind.


So before you head out this weekend. Get in a session at your favourite gym or find a new favourite gym and hit the bar before you start your night out


Coach Vaughn

15 May

Our TOP 7 Post-Workout Feeds in the Shire


In no particular order check out where we head for a feed after a solid training session:

1: HOME Café. Located on Bath road in Kirrawee this is our local.

A small yet tasty menu that prides itself on home made. These guys always look after you and the food hits the spot every time.






2: The Shack, Gymea. In the main shopping strip this place goes

after wholesome ingredients and keeps it organic. Which means if you want to indulge a little it’s not going to hurt the hips.






3: Kuroneko Ramen Noodle Bar, Sutherland.

Just behind Horizon Church these guys have a rock solid menu if you feel like hitting up that Japanese noodle flavour. They’ve just expanded to allow for a lot more diners now as well which means we can fit the whole gym there!






4: Grill’d, Miranda.

Can’t go past a good burger and these guys keep it clean which makes it great for those of use working hard on our goals. The flavours are always fresh and keeps us coming back for more!




5: Jimbob’s, Engadine.

American style cuisine. Wings, burgers and ribs. Love us some Buffalo Spicy Wings and the owners treat you like friends and family when you come in. Great place to relax and unwind after a tough week of training!






6: Mia’s Bavarian Beer Hall, Cronulla.

Opposite South Cronulla Beach this place provides all the goods stuff. You might have to squeeze an extra session in to make the calorie deficit happen. The owner never stops smiling and make the best pork knuckle I’ve ever had.



7: Iris and Isla, Miranda.

Located near Sutherland Hospital. This small venue serves some of the best PHO and Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls in Sydney. You need to be quick about it though as they often sell out by mid-afternoon… I guess it’s just lunch then!




There you have it, our favourite places to drop in for a feed. Drop in sometime and let them know we sent you!



CrossFit BodiComplete



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